Arequipa, Peru

Our Sister City partner since February 5, 1962 

Charlotte's First Sister City Partner

Arequipa was founded by the Spanish Manuel Garci de Carbajal after the conquest of America under the rule of Charles V of Spain, on August 15th, 1540. In 1950, President Dwight Eisenhower launched the initiative to twin the cities in the United States internationally to achieve bonds further than those of conventional treaties and diplomatic channels. Arequipa was one of the first cities to join in, beginning a Sister Cities relationship with Charlotte in 1962. Arequipa and Charlotte have been active Sister City partners ever since. 

Our Relationship

Charlotte and Arequipa have a rich relationship consisting of successful local events and international exchanges. Some of our highlights include Jerald Melberg's fundraising project, our 40th anniversary celebration, Salvation Army's Festival of Tables event, and our solar panel project.

Image by Diego Cabrera

Current Arequipa Sister City Activities

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