Kumasi was founded in 1820 by King Osei Tutu. The city is the 2nd largest in Ghana and is the capital of the Ashanti Region, a land of ancient African royalty. The population of Kumasi is approximately 1.5 million people. The economy is based on agriculture, textiles, manufacturing  and the mining of timber, gold and diamonds, and cocoa. Kumasi maintains 50% of the timber industry in Ghana. Due to its mining of large gold deposits, Kumasi has rapidly become one of the wealthiest cities in Ghana. The culture of Kumasi is rich in music and dancing. The drum is the primary instrument played in Kumasi and they have many different varieties. Colorful and intricate costumes add to the performance of the dancers and drummers. Kente cloth is also produced in Kumasi. Kumasi became our Sister City in 1995.

Image by Hello  Lightbulb